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Unlock the Full Potential of Your YouTube Channel with Chezaa

At Chezaa, we’re not just about distributing your music on YouTube’s Content ID service; we offer a comprehensive YouTube Channel Management service as well. Our dedicated team of YouTube experts specializes in monetizing and optimizing your channel, ensuring that your content thrives in the digital landscape.

Why Choose Chezaa for YouTube Channel Management?

We’re not your average Multi-Channel Network (MCN). We’re a boutique-focused MCN partner, and we’re highly selective about the content we take on. We believe in quality over quantity, and we only partner with creators whose channels we genuinely believe we can help grow and succeed.


When you choose Chezaa for YouTube Channel Management, you retain control over your Distribution and Publishing revenues. We don’t ask you to turn over these vital income streams. Instead, we work alongside you to maximize your channel’s potential.

Here’s What You Get with Chezaa’s YouTube Channel Management Service:

– 70% of Royalties: You earn a substantial 70% of the royalties generated by your content. We ensure your hard work is rewarded.

– Content ID Enabled: We make sure Content ID is enabled on your videos, protecting your content and helping you claim any rightful revenue.

– Optimization of Revenue: Our team works tirelessly to optimize your channel’s revenue potential, exploring various monetization strategies tailored to your content.

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Updated on October 19, 2023