Promotion FAQ

Press Release Inclusions:
Blast Press Distribution: We provide comprehensive press release distribution to reach a wide audience. This distribution includes targeting deejays, radio stations, and TV networks to increase the chances of your content receiving airplay and exposure.
Turnaround Time: We are committed to delivering your press release promptly. The creation process typically takes three weeks from initiation to completion. This allows us to craft a well-structured and effective press release that aligns with your goals.
Utilization of Your Information: We work closely with you to gather the necessary information and details for your press release. Your input is invaluable in shaping the content and messaging to ensure it effectively conveys your message.
Refund Policy: Once the press release process is initiated, refunds are not available. This policy is in place due to the significant effort and resources invested in the creation and distribution of the press release. We are dedicated to delivering a high-quality product that aligns with your objectives.
Our goal is to help you gain maximum exposure and reach your target audience through effective press release distribution. We work diligently to create a compelling press release that resonates with your audience and serves your promotional needs.
Coverage Topics: Our comprehensive blog coverage service caters to a variety of subjects, including music reviews, artist biographies, current trends, and other relevant topics. We’re here to showcase your story and content in the best possible light.
Turnaround Time: We understand the need for timely delivery. The creation of your blog coverage will be completed within 5 business days, ensuring that your content reaches your audience promptly.
Utilizing Your Information: To craft engaging and accurate coverage, we rely on the information provided by you. Our team will work closely with the details you share, ensuring that your story is presented authentically.
Refund Policy: Please be aware that once the blog coverage process is initiated, we cannot offer a refund. This is due to the creative work and time invested in producing the content for your specific needs.
Coverage on Top Music Websites: We guarantee publication of your content on three leading music websites. This ensures that your message reaches a wide and diverse audience, increasing your exposure in the online music community.
Review on Our Blog Section: In addition to the coverage on external music websites, we will also feature your content on our own blog section. This serves as an additional platform to engage with our readers and create a well-rounded online presence.
Our mission is to help you gain visibility in the world of music, whether through music reviews, artist biographies, trending topics, or other relevant subjects. We look forward to working with you to create compelling blog coverage that resonates with your target audience and enhances your online presence.

At Chezaa Africa, we understand that getting your music heard in the digital age is about more than just creating great tunes. It’s about making the right connections with listeners who truly resonate with your sound. That’s where our DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms) Playlisting Services come into play.

Unlocking Your Sound’s Potential: We’ve fostered valuable relationships with multiple music curators on some of the most popular DSPs, including Spotify, Audiomack, Boomplay, and Mdundo. These connections allow us to put your music on the radar of playlist curators who are actively seeking fresh and exceptional sounds.

Tailored Curation for Your Niche: We don’t just throw your music at random playlists. We take the time to understand your unique sound and genre. We work closely with you to identify the niche your music perfectly fits into. Whether you’re into Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Gospel, or any other genre, we have the expertise to pinpoint the playlists that best showcase your talent.

Amplify Your Reach: With the support of our playlisting services, your music gains visibility among a more targeted audience. These are the listeners who are not just casually browsing, but those who are genuinely passionate about the type of music you create. This means more streams, more fans, and more opportunities for your music to shine.

Our Commitment to Your Success: At Chezaa Africa, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about creating meaningful connections between artists and their fans. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve success in the digital music landscape. Our playlisting services are a testament to our commitment to nurturing your talent and sharing it with the world.

Experience the power of Chezaa Africa’s DSPs Playlisting Services and watch your music find its home in the hearts of listeners who can’t get enough of your unique sound.

We’re all about giving your music the spotlight it deserves. Our “Social Push” services are designed to take your music promotion to the next level, with a strategic approach that ensures you’re heard, seen, and remembered.

Strategic Ads on Facebook and Instagram:

We understand that in the digital age, reaching your audience is as much about strategy as it is about sound. That’s why we specialize in crafting precise, eye-catching ads tailored for Facebook and Instagram. Our advertising campaigns are designed to connect with your target audience, getting your music in front of the right ears and eyes. We put the power of these social giants to work for you, making sure that your music reaches the audience it deserves.

Captivating Video Snippets for Promotion:

Visuals have the ability to turn a casual listener into a dedicated fan. That’s why we create dynamic and captivating video snippets from your music. These bite-sized visual teasers are perfect for posting on your social media to create buzz around your releases. We work closely with you to capture the essence of your music in these snippets, ensuring that they leave a lasting impression.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Music:

With our “Social Push” services, your music gains the momentum it deserves. We’re not just about promoting music; we’re about crafting experiences. We’re passionate about connecting artists with their audiences, and we understand that in the digital landscape, it’s not just about music but also about engagement.

Experience the Power of Social Push:

Whether you’re a rising star or a seasoned artist, “Social Push” can make all the difference. Join us and discover how our strategic ads on Facebook and Instagram, coupled with captivating video snippets, can amplify your music’s reach and impact. It’s not just about pushing music; it’s about propelling your career.

Let us be your partner in the journey of bringing your music to the forefront. 

Custom Design: Our logo design service is entirely custom, with no reliance on templates. We create a unique and distinctive logo tailored to your brand.
Initial Concept Phase: We start the process with four initial design concepts. These concepts are usually delivered within one week, allowing you to explore different directions for your logo.
✅ Multiple Drafts: We understand that logo design is a collaborative process. We allow for multiple drafts and revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Turnaround Time: The full completion of your logo typically takes 2 weeks. This time frame ensures that we have the opportunity to refine and perfect the logo to meet your expectations.
Ownership of Artwork: Upon completion, you gain full ownership of the final logo artwork. You will receive all the necessary files and rights to use the logo as you see fit for your brand.
Concept Development: The initial concept phase involves a series of questions from our designer to the client. This helps us understand your vision and preferences, allowing us to create a logo that aligns with your brand’s look and feel.
Ongoing Collaboration: We’re committed to working closely with you to achieve the desired logo. The number of drafts and revisions is flexible, as each logo project is unique. However, if the project’s scope exceeds the original agreement or the designer feels it has gone beyond the expected hours of work, either party may choose to terminate the project. In such cases, all native files used in the design process can be provided to the client if needed.
✅ Refund Policy: Once a logo design is in production, we cannot issue a refund. This is because of the creative work and time invested in the design process.
Our goal is to deliver a logo that you’re proud to represent your brand. We are dedicated to working with you to achieve the best possible result, offering flexibility in the design process while maintaining a commitment to quality and satisfaction.
We are pleased to offer our single-sided digital release cover design service, tailored to meet your creative needs. Please review the following terms and conditions for a clear understanding of our process and limitations.
1. Concept/Idea:
✅ You are entitled to one concept/idea for your release cover design. This initial concept defines the look and feel of the cover.
✅ Once a concept has been agreed upon, it cannot be changed during the design process. If you wish to explore a completely new concept after the first concept has been created and delivered, a separate purchase for another release cover design will be required.
2. Drafts:
✅ Our service includes up to three drafts, which encompass a series of revisions/changes you may request for your release cover.
✅ Revisions can include, but are not limited to, changes such as artist name, title, image replacement, color adjustments, graphic tweaking/manipulation, or any other minor modifications needed for your cover.
✅ You may request multiple changes or revisions within each draft. We recommend providing all desired changes after the initial release cover is delivered.
3. Turnaround Time:
✅ Our standard turnaround time for delivering your initial concept and subsequent drafts is one week.
How many revisions are allowed per project: You are allowed to have a maximum of 2 revisions 
Refund Policy:
– Once the design process for a release cover is in production, we cannot offer refunds for your payment.
By engaging our digital release cover design service, you agree to these terms and conditions. We are committed to delivering a high-quality and creative design for your release cover. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Thank you for choosing our design service for your creative project. We look forward to working with you!

We believe that every artist has a story to tell, and every story deserves to be heard. That’s where our Music Biography Writeup and One-Sheet Promo Service comes into play. We’re here to help you tell your story and elevate your music to new heights.

Crafting Your Musical Journey: Your music biography is more than just words on a page; it’s the narrative that breathes life into your artistry. Our dedicated team of writers and content creators are passionate about uncovering the unique elements of your musical journey. We work closely with you to create a compelling biography that reflects your vision, your experiences, and your artistic evolution.

The Power of the One-Sheet: A well-crafted one-sheet is your ticket to getting your music noticed. It’s your introduction to industry professionals, journalists, and potential collaborators. Our one-sheets are meticulously designed to showcase your music, tell your story concisely, and capture attention. Whether you’re launching a new album, promoting a single, or seeking opportunities in the industry, our one-sheets are your key to making a lasting impression.

Your Success is Our Mission:

We’re not just in the business of creating content; we’re in the business of crafting success stories. We understand that in the competitive music industry, it’s essential to stand out, and your biography and one-sheet are powerful tools to help you do just that. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a fresh talent or an established artist with a rich history, our Music Biography Writeup and One-Sheet Promo Service is your partner in crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience. Your story is unique, and we’re here to ensure it’s shared with the world in the most compelling way.

Experience the difference of a well-crafted biography and one-sheet with Chezaa Africa. Let’s tell your story, promote your music, and turn your aspirations into reality. Your journey deserves to be celebrated, and we’re here to make it unforgettable.

Please be aware that once the process is initiated, we cannot offer a refund. This is due to the creative work and time invested in producing the content for your specific needs.